PLC MAP Kick Off

ROME, GA— As students arrived at the Phoenix Performance Learning Center bright and early Monday morning, Aug. 15, for a day of MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing, they were greeted with lively energy and enthusiastic encouragement from the one and only, Willie the Wolf.

 Backpacks on and young minds ready to engage in an important day for academics, students had the opportunity to take a moment to shake off the jitters of test anxiety, high-five their favorite mascot and snap a few photos, feeling a contented boost in confidence as they entered their classroom for the day. 

 "We want to make certain that the kids are excited,” Principal Dr. Christy Epps said, “and that they come in and are ready to do their best. The MAP test gives us the data that we need to differentiate instruction in the classroom, so it’s important to make sure we have the best data possible.”

 “Today is their first opportunity to come to the classroom in person for the school year,” she added, “and we have some amazing activities planned for them after testing.”

 Epps explained that after testing, the students would have the chance to relax, take a breath and dive into some cool science experiments and STEM activities before leaving for the day. 

 Go Wolves!!

Learn, Test, Progress #LikeAWolf